Hi, I’m Tonje!


I’m an enthusiastic hobby cook from Norway, but now I live in Canterbury, UK. I am very passionate about food, and I absolutely love trying out new recipes. I promote balanced eating habits, where you can enjoy both salad and cake, while focusing on maintaining and improving mental and physical health alike.


My healthy, easy and quick recipes help my readers follow a balanced diet without feeling overwhelmed. This allows them to maintain a healthy weight and feel more energised. Additionally, my easy to follow recipes are ideal for those that are new to cooking, or don’t feel like they have time to cook regularly. This way they can feed their families and themselves healthy meals that don’t break the bank, minimising the risk and impact of future health problems.


On this blog I share all my best advice on how to make quick, easy, cheap, healthy meals that anyone will be able to cook — all to help you make great choices for you and your family.


If you want to contact me, please do so per email to [email protected]